PropDanceCulture aims to facilitate the spread of knowledge through providing courses, free tutorial resources and creation of an environment which stimulates cross-disciplinary creative studies. We celebrate continued education and promote scientific knowledge that is related to our shared interests.

Our book recommendations of books aim to help you move towards your goals as a movement artist, as well as hopefully pique your curiosity. Please feel free to suggest a book by posting your suggestion in the “Book Club” group.

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FREE audible trial:

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Side Note: “I do really love audible, I’ve been listening to so many good books that I don’t have the time to sit down and read. It’s a game changer for traffic/chores and “exercise”! When you pay 15$ you get two “credits” which allows you to listen to any audiobook available. Sometimes audiobooks can be $20+, which makes this a sweet deal!” – Tyfoods


Recommendation: START WITH MOVE YOUR D.N.A.

“Transitioning well to minimal footwear” Katy Bowman:

“Move your D.N.A.” by Katy Bowman:

“Movement Matters: Essays on Movement Science, Movement Ecology, and the Nature of Movement” by Katy Bowman

“Spark: The New Science of Exercise and The Brain” by John J Ratey




“Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience” by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi


“Thinking Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman


“The Body Has a Mind of Its Own: How Body Maps in Your Brain Help You Do (Almost) Everything Better” by Sandra Blakeslee


“Mental Biology” by W.R. Klemm

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