Our PropDancePhilosophy Specialists have gone through the 3-Month PropDancePhilosophy Specialist (PDPS) course as hosted by Tyfoods. As such, these specialist have demonstrated their integration and understanding of the PropDancePhilosophy Principles.

Upcoming PropDancePhilosophy Specialists are required to provide video of their progress through out the course to receive their certification.
This includes completion of all challenges and assignments given.

PropDancePhilosophy Specialist Benefits

  • A PropDanceCulture T-Shirt of your choice (Click this link to check them out!)
  • Ability to make monthly income through paid membership referrals (Click this text for more info)
  • Shout Outs and Promotion!
  • Access to continuing education on relevant topics beyond completion of the course
  • Early Access to PropDanceCulture Articles on topics such as Mobility & Movement Lifestyle, Neuroscience, Flow & Nutrition
  • Ability to collect EXTRA contributor points for various activities! (You collect points to purchase products/services – Click this text for more info!)
  • Ability to sell, or give away, your products and services through propdanceculture.com alongside propdanceculture products, AND through your own personalized store front. (Sell, or give away, gig packages, paid tutorials or lessons, and physical products)
  • Ability to advertise your products & services through our website to our community

PropDancePhilosophy Specialist (PDPS) Course

PropDancePhilosophy Specialist (PDPS) Course

Further course details can be found here: https://www.propdanceculture.com/prop-dance-university/

Upcoming Specialists:

Amber Fancae Partae

Glenjamin Aanstoos

Meshiah Curley

KassMee Ow

Brittany Dunlavey

Jorrit Schoen

Ruben Schoen

Siddhant Sachdeva

Mason Isaaic Howerton

Buket Rin

Danny Goldberg

Desiray Pie Marin

Kurt Jayson Spain

Luke Height

Madalyn Bernal

Chandra Stoltenberg

Koen Maryns

Brandon BboyAzuleon Lomax

Gustaf Rääf Lundgren

Matt Freeman

Brandon Lim

Dmitrii Senex Krasnov

Michaela Šafrová

Melissa Frampton

Alexander Edström

Osh Mosa

Zelda Lourens

Certified Specialists:

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