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Tutorial Library outline:

Prop Dancing Tutorials

Prop Tutorials

Dance Tutorials


PROP DANCING tutorials

@DrexFactor has made these tutorials with respect to dancing with poi.
However, the concepts are applicable to any form of PropDanceFusion!

If you don’t spin poi then consider this an exercise is “cross-disciplinary creative studies”.

You must ask yourself “How would I do this or, something similar, with my prop?”


How to Choreograph without music

Blocking 101


Focus Shifts in Prop Dance


Tempo and Dynamic Shifts


Expressive Dance and Movement


Turns and Pirouettes


How to use Levels and Level changes


How to Dance with Props (ending T-Rex Arms)


Footwork – How to Dance with Props


Initiating Movement – How to Dance with Props


Shapes vs Momentum – How to Dance with Props


PROP tutorials

General Index: Home of Poi Collection of various tutorials

Fire Breathing

Fire Breathing (4 Tutorials) Home of Poi – Fire Breathing tutorials

Fire Eating

Fire Eating (18 Tutorials) Home of Poi – Fire Eating tutorials


Levisticks (12 tutorials) Home of Poi – FlowWand/LeviStick tutorials


Rope Dart (161 tutorials) Home of Poi – Rope Dart tutorials


Whip (16 tutorials) Home of Poi – Whip tutorials


Yoyo (113 tutorials) Home of Poi – Yoyo tutorials Pretty good collection of various tutorials

Vulcan Tech Gospel (Images and Such) (Video Tutorials)

Juggling Various juggling tutorials!

Spinning Plates (27 tutorials) Home Of Poi – Spinning Plates Tutorials

Juggling (268 tutorials) Home Of Poi – Juggling tutorials incredible collection of various juggling patterns Jonathan Lardillier various juggling and contact juggling tutorials Lauri Koskinen Various juggling tutorials (Tienda Malabares) Juggling tutorials en espanol (Danelo Performances) Contact Juggling en espanol (Three Ball Pattern demonstrations)


Clubs (Chris Taibbi) (Lorq Nichols) Club Spinning + Poi



POI lessons (582 tutorials) Home of Poi – Poi Tutorials

Torch Poi (16 tutorials) Home of Poi – Poi Tutorials

Fire Orbs / Zip Poi (36 tutorials) Home Of Poi – Poi Tutorials

Meteor (20) Home Of Poi – Meteor Tutorials (Drex Factor) Easily one of the largest collections of tutorials for poi! (PlayPoi Nick Woosley) Another INCREDIBLE Resource for poi. (Run by Willow Sollow) Is an incredible collection of inspirational videos and tutorials. (Android and iOS app for a collect of spinspirational videos and spinformative tutorials. 9 Square Theory (Charlie Cushing) (Lorq Nichols) Club Spinning + Poi (Tim Goddard) (Gun Slinger Tutorial by Jonathan Alvarez) (Gunslinger workshop recap – Jonathan Alvarez)
Buugeng (Colin Peterson)

S-Staff Buugeng (20 tutorials) – Home Of Poi – S-Staff Buugeng tutorials (Rion Fish)


Contact Staff, Double Staff & Dragon Staff

Staff lessons (238 tutorials) Home of Poi – Staff Tutorials

Dragon Staff (77 tutorials) Home of Poi – Dragon Staff Tutorials

3 Section Staff (Sanjiegun) (101 tutorials) Home of Poi – 3 Section Staff Tutorials (Drex Factor – Double Staff) Dragon Staff and Double Contact Staff



Diabolo (170 tutorials) Home Of Poi – Diabolo Tutorials


Nunchaku (41 tutorials) Home Of Poi – Nunchaku Tutorials


Hoops (Katie Emmit) (Deanna Love) (Babz Robinson) (Jasmine Kienne)

Hoop (258 tutorials) – Home of Poi Hoop Tutorials


Fans (Jessy Spins) (“Fire Fan Tutorials”) (Doodle)

Fire Fans (96 tutorials) – Home of Poi Fan Tutorials

Flower Sticks & Devil Sticks

Devil Sticks (70)


DANCE Tutorials

Bone Breaking (Joey Arias) (Max Zarin)

Old School Popping, Locking & Breakdancing Dictionary: (Poppin’ Pete, Skeeter Rabbit, Flo Master & Wicket)

Popping + Animation Style Dance (James Barry – Popping + Animation Style Dance) (Poppin’ Pete – Popping)

Breakdancing–z3MI (Storm’s Footwork) (Poppin’ Pete, Skeeter Rabbit, Flo Master & Wicket)

House Dance (Basic house dance Jardy Santiago)

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