This is the introductory Course to

Healing Stoned Movement & Martial Circus Philosophy

This course is designed to plug you into the Philosophies & core ideas that make the Healing Stoned Movement unique in its approach towards prop spinning. We try our best to incorporate maximum universal understanding in our approach. As such, this gives us a better understanding of each student individually, without ever having met the student. Our No Nonsense approach to flow arts education gifts us an unique ability to take an artist to the next level of prop spinning, without overloading ones mind with the concept of new tricks.

Inside, you will find out what it means to heal & be healed.

We will answer some question like; Does are mindset defines our success?

How do we create healthy mental habits? How can movement lead one to a more fulfilling life? What defines mental illness?

We will discuss deeper sides of the human experience. Through a process of being honest with oneself, having courage enough to face emotion, & faith in the path of self help;

There is nothing within the human mind that can not be addressed.

Introduction & preface

Hi, my name is Michael Robinson. I am 30 years old & have spent the majority of my life in the small City of Rochester, NY. My Flow Arts career began back in 2006. Back then, free form dance & super basic prop spinning & object manipulation were what I had. I began to take flow arts more seriously as an art form after an acquaintance introduced me to poi in 2016. Since then, I have added Contact Staff & Rope Dart to my daily practice. I also explore 2 & 3 Staff, Contact Juggling, & Multi Prop Manipulation.

Prior to flow arts, I was nothing. I had no career, no goals, no interests, unchecked mental health issues which would be described as depression. I often found myself longing to be somewhere or something else, while having nothing in mind as far as a destination. I filled my ample free time up with drugs, alcohol, meaningless sex, & it was common for me to be taking out my frustrations in a romantic relationship with someone who was just as unfulfilled as I was. In 2015, my life changed forever when I moved to San Francisco to go to Cosmetology at Paul Mitchell.

While in San Francisco, my unhealthy relationship of 6 years fell apart & I found myself in a new city with no one around who knew me. In this isolation, I discovered that your past does not define your present. With no one familiar around, I was free to be a totally different person. This is when I became aware of every wrong thing I had done to myself, leading up to that point.

Some New Developments

As school ended in December 2015, I had 2 choices. One was to stay in the Bay area & focus on career. The other was to head home. I was absolutely broke after 11 months in San Francisco. So, I made the decision to hop on a plane with my last money and try and write a new story for my life. I landed in Rochester on a cold December morning, instantly regretting the decision I had made. This sense of regret landed me back into my old ways. The only thing that was different this time was that I had been introduced to Poi.

That is my story & The rest of it tells itself. Everyday, I juggled my emotions between two socks with more socks in them. I remember how it felt when I realized that I had just spent 2 straight, unemployed months doing but one thing. By the time I got my 2 & 3 beat weaves down, the pattern in which my thoughts generated had changed. So much so that, for the first time in my life, I was moderating my intake. I realized then and there that this art was the ticket to freedom.  Over the course of our relationship, you will learn a lot about me. Good & Bad. All in hopes that it inspires someone to take their first conscious step.

To you, the student. Be brave in your journey. Destiny has a plan for all of us. In a cause & effect reality, One must give something away to get something worthwhile in return.


Bare with me

Always keep in mind that change is apart of growth. As I grow as a person, a friend, a husband, a father, an educator, an artist, So to will my knowledge and ability. If any of the follow Seems short winded or over simplified, Understand that this is all new for me as well. I am not a scientist. I am not a therapist. I am not a councilor. I have zero documented education on any subject matter. This is my interpretation of my experiences and how the decisions I made regarding those experiences have affected my quality of living. Please, allow me a small bit of leeway to get the wording right. This is my first attempt at taking the thoughts in my head & organizing them for others to understand.

I thank you for your patience,



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Course Materials

none, other than pencil & paper for note taking.


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