Becoming a PropDanceCulture Vendor

(1) Make an account on the PropDanceCulture Website and select the “Professional/Instructor” membership level, or higher, if you want to support Tyfoods/PropDanceCulture AND receive extra advertisement through our social media channels such as @Flowstagramm, @PropDanceCulture and ME (@Tyfoods).

Paid membership is 100% OPTIONAL, but we’d appreciate your support, so please consider it!

(2) Once you’ve completed that step you may go to “Your Account>Apply for Vendorship”

 (3) Once applied, PropDanceCulture will review your application!

(4) If accepted then you can begin listing your courses, services & products!

Physical Product Diversity (IMPORTANT)

THE most important thing about selling on PropDanceCulture is the ability for your shop to bring something new to the table. We understand that in our community there is a lot of reselling of existing products, and we support that, however, we DO NOT want to see duplicate products being sold on PropDanceCulture. For example, since we have “PixelWhips by Fiberflies” already being sold on our website, NOBODY else should be selling PixelWhips by Fiberflies. This does not apply to fully customizable/self-made props such as “Contact Poi”, everyone is free to sell contact poi. What this does apply to (queue another example) are Capsule Lights by FlowToys. Since FlowToys is already selling Capsule Lights individually on PropDanceCulture, NOBODY else should be selling Capsule Lights individually. HOWEVER, if you use Capsule Lights by FlowToys in your LED contact poi, or other customizable product, then you are free to use that part.

If you have questions/concerns about whether the product you are listing is allowed, please contact

Vendor Product Types

Beyond “physical products”, there are a few special kind of products that you can sell via PropDanceCulture that you cannot do on platforms like Etsy. Here they are:

PropDanceCulture Variations Galore Vendor

Variations Galore Products – Unlike Etsy and other platforms, you are not limited with the amount of variations you can have on a product! Our variations allow you to not only offer fully customizable products, but they also allow you to offer a “Name your price” option, in which your customer sets the price!

Subscription Products – With subscription products, you can collect recurring payments from your customer daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. “Patreon-style” dedicated profiles are coming SOON!

Virtual Products on PropDanceCulture Vendor

Virtual Products – “Virtual” in this case just means “non-physical” products, these are usually services such as gig deposits, online courses, counseling sessions, personal training sessions etc… You are free to sell your services!

Downloadable Products – Allow your customer to purchase products that they can download! Whether that’s an image file, music file, document (ppt, psd etc…), audio or video, we support it!

Free Products on PropDanceCulture

Free Products – Feel free to set your product price to ZERO! We won’t limit your ability to give things away!

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