Our universities are focused on providing DEEP learning experiences. That being said, what is a deep learning experience?

What’s a deep learning experience?

A deep learning experience is an educational resource that is beyond tutorials that you regularly see given out for free. What separates deep learning experiences (DLE’s) from tutorials is that DLEs focus on the instructor’s personal approach and philosophy. Additionally, DLEs typically have a much longer length than tutorials. DLEs can sometimes consist of many 1 hour long videos spread out over the course of weeks. DLEs also have an emphasis on attention to details and sometimes even have personal 1-on-1 feedback included.

The courses we provide are NOT simply tutorials, but deep learning experiences.

Our Universities

Each university is detailed below:


Object Manipulation University (OMU) focuses on everything that has to do with the manipulation of some object that is external from your body (AKA a prop!). ALL Props are allowed!




Dance University (DU) focuses on everything that has to do with the movement of one’s body in a rhytmic manner. Dance University is open to ALL dance styles!



Prop Dance University (PDU) focuses specifically on the combination of Object Manipulation/Prop Spinning & Dancing. It is open to the combination of any dance form with any Object/Prop.





Movement University (MU) focuses specifically on body movement without a prop and without a “sense of rhythm”. Movement Enthusiasts, Yogis, Physical Therapist, Fitness Coaches, and similar titles, your courses belong here!



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Flow Arts University (FAU) focuses specifically on the Flow State. All courses here should be geared towards helping students get into the Flow State more often.





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