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After 6 Years of being in the Movement Arts world I’ve finally taken action to make a serious contribution to it! Our community has been slowly growing, but I want to see it EXPLODE!

I think a huge part of that is putting all things Movement Arts into one place and making it even easier for Movement Artists to make money from their craft!

Throughout these years I’ve found that there are four specific questions that get asked over and over again, these questions are:

“Where can I find a list of events related to my craft?”

“Where can I find the best tools related to my craft?”

“Where is the best place to learn about my craft?”

“How can I start making money off of my craft?”

Answers to these questions would save us all so much time and without a doubt would help accelerate the growth of the community!

So, I have created PropDanceCulture as an answer to all of these questions. An up-to-date list of events for Movement Arts like Dance, Prop Spinning, and Circus, a list of shops that have been reviewed by the community, a free AND paid library of tutorials that have been reviewed by the community, AND resources/tools for making money off of your craft will ALL be on the PropDanceCulture Platform.

I’ve also come to realize that while Social Media like Facebook and Instagram are great, a lot of us want a platform that is geared towards Movement Artists and is free from irrelevant distractions. Thus I’ve worked to make PropDanceCulture a social network as well, with both an Android AND iOS app.

My goal and the goal of PropDanceCulture is to bring all Movement Artists together to promote creativity, idea sharing and skill growth, but also to give ALL Movement Artists the tools they need to succeed!

That being said, I have done A LOT to make this happen, but I can’t do it all on my own! I need your support! Through this “shop” you can donate to me as an artist so that I can spend less time scrambling for cash and more time putting in work to make PropDanceCulture the ultimate resource for Movement Artists!

Each donation tier has a different reward that you hopefully find very helpful! If not, let me know how I can make it more helpful ?

If you want to donate, but there is no tier for that amount you want to donate then let me know! I’ll make something for you!

Thank you so much in advance for your patronage!

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