Are you ready to take your prop dance skills to the next level?

Join Ty Roachford aka. Tyfoods, Alan Liquid Circus, and Jules Dandelion as they share their unique perspectives on integrating various dance styles with your favorite props.


Experience the magic of dancing in a 400-year-old palace in Gorzanow, Poland. Our retreat will offer 4-5 hours of workshops each day, various games and projects to accelerate your skills, individual feedback, and plenty of jamming and skill-sharing opportunities.


Not only will you be upgrading your skills, but also indulge in delicious local food, with options for 3 meals a day prepared by a local cook, and there is a bar available as well 😉. You will also have the chance to explore the palace, with affordable room options and the freedom to wander the castle at any time.


Outside of dance, the retreat will offer fire jams, a party night, prop dance games, group projects, and the opportunity to explore the village of Gorzanow and the surrounding forests and mountains.

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Don't miss out on this unique and unforgettable experience of learning different prop dance styles, fusing your prop skills with animation style dance, popping and waving, afro beats, dancehall and more!

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Poi fundamentals you probably skipped (Part 1)

Tyfoods discusses the different basic concepts of poi and applies these basic concepts in different ways to give rise to more advanced poi movements. The class focuses on a strong foundation through basic drills in order to promote neuromuscular facilitation (muscle memory) and to allow one to easily learn/create various more complicated poi movements with relative ease. Basically, the goal is freedom of movement.

Introduction to PropDanceFusion

Tyfoods discusses various aspects of Prop Dance Fusion. First, he discusses the two basic approaches to Prop Dance Fusion, Prop>Dance Fusion and Dance>Prop Fusion, then he dives into how you can build a library of Prop Dance Moves to freestyle from. In building that library, a short PropDanceFusion Choreography is learned, which gives students something to work with immediately. This workshop gives you the tools you need in order to become a serious prop dancer.

Prop Dance Fusion Choreography

Tyfoods and JulesDandelion has prepared a short choreographed performance that has room to utilize any prop (Staff, hoop, poi..). The workshop aims to inspire prop dance fusion ideas and show what is possible through combining dance & prop art.

Animation Style Dance

Tyfoods teaches animation style dance which consists of a broad range of different dance techniques such as tutting, liquid, waving, popping, locking, gliding and more. This workshop will give you a solid dance foundation to work with so that one can develop their own unique style.

Memphis Jookin', Slidin' and Glidin' (Dance workshop)

Tyfoods teaches Jookin' which he learned straight from the source of Memphis from jookers, Daniel Price, Phyouture and Draem. In this workshop you'll learn some of the foundations of Memphis Jookin, the Slide and Glide, Gangsta Walk, Bounce Notes, Buck Jump, L-Steps, Kickstand, Pacman, Pulling Curtains and more!

Jules Dandelion

Prop dance choreo part 1, part 2, part 3

ALL PROPS WORKSHOP - In this three-class series Jules will be teaching a Prop Dance Choreo suited to all dance levels, based on the lively and energetic dance style of Dancehall. You will learn how to incorporate props into this Dancehall Choreography and discover the endless possibilities of accenting your moves with patterns, spinning and shapes. Jules will guide you through the steps and help you discover combinations that will add some of your personal sizzle to the Choreo.

Afro beats groove foundations

Afrobeat 101 - is perfect for anyone who has never tried Afrobeat dance before or wants to learn the basics. Jules will guide you through the fundamental steps and rhythms of Afrobeat, learning how to incorporate them into your movement. You will as well get an insight into the history of this dance and the music genre Afrobeat(s). During the workshop, you will learn key Afrobeat grooves, as well as how to add your own personal style to the dance. The class is designed to be beginner-friendly, so no prior experience is required.

Dancehall groove foundations

Dancehall 101 - Created in the street parties and dance halls of Jamaica’s ghetto communities, Dancehall was and still is a powerful tool in combating violence and crime by creating a platform for creative expression, belonging, and employment for many. Dancehall is a reflection of Jamaican lifestyle and culture and since it’s infancy in the 1970’s has evolved alongside societal changes. In this class we will focus on the basic foundational ‘dances’ and dance creators, groove, flow and technique of Dancehall

Double staff dance fusion

In this class, Jules will share the results of her extensive research on how to incorporate double staffs into various dance styles. You will learn how to use staff patterns, spinning, and shapes to accent different movements, all while keeping the dance as close to the original as possible.

Since staves are static objects, there are many interesting possibilities for incorporating them into dance. Jules will guide you through utilizing signature patterns and transforming them into signature prop dance moves. Every flow artist has a personal style when it comes to double staff technique, and this workshop is about discovering those styles and developing your own unique way of incorporating the prop.

This class is not only about learning from Jules' research, but also encouraging creativity and experimentation with different techniques. By the end of the workshop, you will have initiated your own research and be inspired to take your prop dance skills to new heights.

Alan Liquid Circus

Contact Juggling Dance Fusion

In this workshop, Alan will show how the body can naturally move around a ball, utilising elements from waving and liquid dancing. Either isolating the ball whilst moving the body or isolating the body whilst moving the ball. The ball, being not of the most versatile props, allows the body to move and stop in any shape or form, creating endless possibilities where our imagination is the only limit. This workshop is for all skill levels and people who want to explore and add move dance into their flow. .

Body Control - Waving and Liquid Dancing (Dance Workshop)

In this workshop Alan will guide you through body isolations and waves, to loosen up the body and explore how to create the illusion of becoming liquid motion. At the end of this workshop, you will have all the tools necessary to explore passing “energy” through the body.

Musicality and Storytelling through movement (All Props)

This workshop is aimed to find a connection between your own movement and the music. You can utilise your own quality of expression when dancing. Be it following different parts of the beat, the harmony or melody of the music, we will explore how to express what we hear in the music and tell a story by connecting our imagination and emotions to it.

Popping (Dance Workshop)

Popping is a funk dance and street dance style originated in the late 60s, early 70’s, in California. Based on the technique of quickly contracting and relaxing muscles, dime stops (pausing) and fluid “funky” movements to create an illusion. With a big influence from miming and clowning. It influenced and also includes for other dance styles that developed after like waving, roboting, tutting, strutting, boogaloo, animation, etc. In this workshop we will learn the traditional style of popping and drill the different classic techniques.


Camping / Camper Vans

  • Shared Bathrooms
  • You have to bring your own tent ( or Campervan obviously 😉 )

Full package: €540 ( includes Camping, food 3x a day and all workshops)

Without food: €425


  • Shared Bedrooms (mixed gender)
  • You have your own single bed
  • Shared Bathrooms. Single Beds.

Full package: €565

  • Single bed in dorm
  • Meals 3x a day
  • All workshops

Without food: €450


  • Your own room (1 or 2 people)
  • Your private bathroom

Full package: €765 per person (If renting alone, €650 per person in a couple)

  • Single bed in dorm
  • Meals 3x a day
  • All workshops

Without food (per person): €650

Komnata Luizy

  • Your own room (1 or 2 people)
  • Your private bathroom

Full package: €815 per person (If renting alone, €675 per person in a couple)

  • Single bed in dorm
  • Meals 3x a day
  • All workshops

Without food (per person): €700

Komnata Holteia

  • Your own room (1 or 2 people)
  • Your private bathroom

Full package: €840 per person (If renting alone, €690 per person in a couple)

  • Single bed in dorm
  • Meals 3x a day
  • All workshops

Without food (per person): €700


Full package: €575 per person ( w/ 5 people People are assigned here randomly!)

  • Single bed in dorm
  • Meals 3x a day
  • All workshops

Without food (per person): €460


  • Shared room (up to 6 people)
  • 2 bedrooms
  • Shared bathroom in the room
  • Single beds

Full package: €615

  • Single bed in dorm
  • Meals 3x a day
  • All workshops

Without food: €500

Frequently Asked Questions + Additional Information

General Information

How to get to Gorzanow

You will need to organize the transportation yourself.
The easiest way to get to Gorzanow would be by car or train.
850 m, 10 minutes walk from the Gorzanow train station to Palac Gorzanow

By plane:
The closest airport is Wroclaw – Copernicus Airport
2h40min trainride from Wroclaw – Copernicus Airport to Gorzanow

There will be an Whatsapp group with all the participants so that carsharing can be organized.

Room Information

For all rooms with only one double bed; you’ll need to know the other person Only for partners or friends
All other room options; You don’t need to know other attendants to share a room!
If you want to share a room with other attendants, we’ll try to make a match. Room sharing options are of course depending on how many other attendants are wanting to share the same type of room. You can give us your preferences, and we’ll try to find a matching room.

Refund Policy

Up to 4 months in advance, we will refund the full amount. 2 Months in advance, 80% of ticket price will be refunded. However, less than 2 months in advance, only 50% of ticket price will be refunded. Special Case: We will fully refund your deposit if government rules prevent you from traveling! If Poland goes into lock-down, we will fully refund your deposit up to 2 weeks before the start of the retreat.

Is there wifi?

Of course!

What’s the electricity situation?

Electricity in every room!

Are there showers and toilets?

Showers and toilets in all private (non-shared) rooms

What happens in case of an accident?

We have a certified nurse on site and in case of emergency the next hospital is a 20 minutes drive away.

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