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$20 Online!
$25 At the door!
The workshops will be taught in this order:
10:30pm – 11:30pm Introduction to PropDanceFusion
11:30pm – 12:30pm Prop fundamentals you probably skipped
Please leave free time in case workshops run a bit longer than expected.

Workshop Descriptions


Introduction to PropDanceFusion: Tyfoods discusses various aspects of Prop Dance Fusion. First, he discusses the importance of mobility, the two basic approaches to Prop Dance Fusion, Prop>Dance Fusion and Dance>Prop Fusion, and finally he dives into how you can build a library of Prop Dance Moves to freestyle from. A short PropDanceFusion Choreography is also taught in order to give students something to work with immediately. This workshops gives you the tools you need in order to become a serious prop dancer.

Prop fundamentals you probably skipped (Part 1): Tyfoods discusses the different basic concepts of prop and applies these basic concepts in different ways to give rise to more advanced prop movements. The class focuses on a strong foundation through basic drills in order to promote neuromuscular facilitation (muscle memory) and to allow one to easily learn/create various more complicated prop movements with relative ease. Basically, the goal is freedom of movement.

Directions to workshops!

Workshop Address + Date + Time:

Clark Park, Philadelphia @ 4:00pm-6:00pm on September 30th!

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Both Workshops! – $20


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