Living the Flow Life Course (Free)



In our “Living the Flow Life” course, you will learn in depth what the Flow state is and how you can get there both inside and outside of your movement practice so that you can truly LIVE the Flow life. Please feel free to get familiar with the topics in this outline so that you can get a good feel for the information that is covered in this course! ?

WELCOME to the Flow life!

  • Redefining Flow Arts – Here we re-introduce and define the terms “Flow” and “Flow Arts”.
    • What is Flow?
    • What is it like to Flow?
    • What is Flow Arts?
    • The Benefits of Flow
  • Classes of Flow Artists
    • Hardcore Flow Artists
    • Macro Flow, Micro Flow & Flow Triggers
  • The Flow Life
    • Movement Flow Artists
    • Undercover Flow Artists
    • The “Flow” Cycle – Here we discuss the reality of Flow
    • Struggle (I.E. Data Collection) –> Release –> Flow –> Recover
    • Flow Habits
    • Creating Flow Habits
  • The Science of Flow (Flow Science)
    • The Brains “Flow producing” physical interactions
    • The Neuroelectricity of Flow
    • The Neuroanatomy of Flow
    • The Neurochemistry of Flow
  • On the edge of Flow (Preparing to Flow) – Here we discuss about how to get yourself into a state where you can achieve Flow more often
    • Sleep
    • Diet
    • Movement
    • Meditation
    • The Power of Audacious Goals
    • Flow Environments
  • The Dark Side of Flow – Here we discuss the dangers of being a “bliss junkie”


This course could not have been put together without the incredible Flow documentation put together by Steven Kotler, Jamie Wheal and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, whose books “Stealing Fire”, “The Rise of Superman” & “Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience” respectively, have been referenced extensively throughout this course. I am grateful for the time I was able to spend reading through these works and synthesizing the information that those works contained in a unique way. Flowstagram started out as a hobby with a simple goal: “To share all movement arts”. Without the creation of PropDanceCulture, knowledge and passion that I’ve cultivated throughout my life, the Flowstagram mission would not have been able to be taken to the next level. Flowstagram’s goal is now “To share all movement arts and facilitate the spread of the knowledge of Flow”.

Thank you in advance for reading.


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