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Here you will find details about our paid membership programs.
All funds collected from these paid memberships go right back into the PropDanceCulture community.

  • Professional Membership ($5/Month) –  Access to your own store front. With this store front you can sell virtual/digital products such as, gig packages, paid tutorials or lessons, and physical products. Additionally, you will be able to advertise your products and services to our community.

  • Supporter Membership ($10/Month) – All the benefits of previous memberships, and… early access to articles & videos about PropDanceCulture related topics, such as Mobility & Movement Lifestyle, Neuroscience, Flow & Nutrition.

  • PropDance Enthusiast Membership ($30/Month) – All the benefits of previous memberships, and… discounts on PropDanceCulture products and services + PropDanceCulture T-Shirt + Storewide Coupon newsletter + ability to collect extra contributor points which allow you to purchase PropDanceCulture products and services.

  • PropDancePhilosophy Specialist Membership ($50/Month) – All the benefits of previous memberships, and… access to the 3-Month PropDancePhilosophy Specialist (PDPS) Course + Feedback from Tyfoods during your time in the (PDPS) Course + Access to continuing education beyond the course. Upon completion of the PropDancePhilosophy Specialist (PDPS) Course, you will receive a certification of completion and your name will be placed on our website, placed among our list of certified specialist.

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