Puppy hammer Days of Summer Oxbow Meteor challenge

Puppy Hammer Days of Summer

In this course you will be challenged by various Puppy Hammer Enthusiasts each week for TWELVE weeks. The mission of this challenge is to help you gain mastery over the Puppy Hammer prop and develop your creativity with the Puppy Hammer.

HUGE Shout out to the incredible Puppy Hammer Enhtusiasts/artists who made this challenge possible and openly available for ANYONE to take.

Click below to join the PuppyHammer Days of Summer group so that you can share your progress!

PuppyHammer Days of Summer Group

Course Outline

Week 1: Discovering The Disc by Craig Cruse

Week 2: Crowstyle by Alex Kurowski

Week 3: Crowstyle Mode Changes/Transitions by Zack Nope

Week 4: Floor Plane by Jordan Toddlington

Week 5: Different Worn Modes by Matt Freeman

Week 6: Captures and Escapes by James Hayes

Week 7: Meteor Mode and Tracing by Matt Freeman

Week 8: Groundwork by Shawn Knudson

Week 9: Tosses and Contact by Jordan Toddlington

Week 10: Clocks Breaks and Paddles by Charlie Cushing

Week 11: Meteor Butterflies by Adam Smith

Week 12: Hybrid Concepts by Tommy Rush


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