Flow Wand Fundamentals Cover Photo

Welcome to Flow-wand Fundamentals – the world’s first comprehensive series of lessons to help you master the modern levitation wand dance. Amaze your friends and family, and find your flow with this elegant, easy-to-learn dance and movement prop.

Flow-wand Fundamentals offers you instructions and inspiration, tips and troubleshooting to help lay the foundation for your wand practice, and bring magic to your dance.

Over 1hr and 30 minutes of engaging video instructions take you from the basics of how to hold your wand properly, through step-by-step lessons in the three most popular wand styles – single short string wand, long string wand, and double wand.

Multiple video angles, close-ups and a unique instructor’s wand with high-visibility string help demonstrate the orientation and positions of your hand and wand-string as you move the wand around your body.

Each tutorial section ends with tips, troubleshooting and an inspiration session showing you the move you just learned in action.

Take your first step, or your next step, into the wonderful world of flow, and bring a little more magic into your life.


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