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The PropDanceCulture mission is to encourage “Cross-Disciplinary Creative Studies” by bringing all movement artists together into a melting pot in which skill growth can be accelerated, key ideas can be shared, and creativity, stimulated.

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PropDancePhilosophy Specialist (PDPS) Course

This 3-Month Online program allows one to dive into the philosophy of PropDanceCulture through an education in four key subjects: Mobility & Movement Lifestyle, Creativity, Prop Spinning, and Prop Dance Fusion. The information provided in each of these subjects is backed by evidence through scientific research.

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What this program entails
This program allows one to dive into the philosophy of PropDanceCulture through an education in four key subjects: Mobility & Movement Lifestyle, Creativity, Prop Spinning, and Prop Dance Fusion. The information provided in each of these subjects is backed by evidence through scientific research.

Who is this for?

People who are dedicated and want to change their life and practice through the PropDanceCulture experience. Instead of focusing on “How do I do -blank- trick”, PropDanceCulture focuses on “How can I put myself in a position that is optimized to learn any trick quickly?”. The first approach concerns itself with instant gratification, while the latter concerns itself with long term value. That being said:

Who isn’t this for?

This isn’t for those who want quick results and do not have the patience to build a strong foundation. Like all adventures worth having, this one will not be an easy one. There is an incredible amount of knowledge required to master everything there is to know about Prop Spinning, Dance and Mobility. While this program will not teach you everything, it will put in you in the perfect position to ask the right questions.

The “Mobility & Movement Lifestyle” portion of the course teaches the student how mobility training can prevent injury, strengthen the mind-body connection and ultimately improve prop-spinning and dancing skills. The student will learn how to identify their weaknesses and strengths as well as how to strengthen those weaknesses. Additionally, the student will learn ways in which one can maintain/increase mobility throughout their daily movement tasks.

The “Prop Spinning” portion of the course teaches the different basic concepts of prop spinning and how to combine these basic concepts in different ways to give rise to more advanced prop movements. The course focuses on a strong foundation through key fundamental drills in order to promote neuromuscular facilitation (muscle memory). This allows the student to more easily learn/create various more complicated prop movements with relative ease. Basically, the goal is freedom of movement.

The “Prop Dance Fusion” portion of the course involves a short choreographed performance that has room to utilize any prop (Staff, hoop, poi..). The workshop aims to inspire prop dance fusion ideas and show what is possible through combining dance & prop art.

The “Creativity” portion of the course involves the use of “Cross-Disciplinary Creative Studies”, that is, the act of taking ideas, principles and concepts from one discipline and implementing them into another discipline. Students will understand how to bring unique elements from other disciplines into their practice to further drive self-expression and individuality.

PropDancePhilosophy Specialist (PDPS) Course Testimonials

Here's what our students have to say!

“I love it. I have full rotation with my shoulders now and have unlocked behind the back weaves. I didn’t realize I could teach my body in these ways. I figured I was just physically stunted. I feel like with all my performances lately and work I’ve been so sidetracked I haven’t got to take full advantage of the knowledge your passing to us.”

-Sleepy Tetons

“I absolutely Love this course so far, and are super excited to incorporate it into my journey for self improvement as well as using the knowledge when teaching in the future. I am sincerely grateful to you for putting this course together and sharing it. X”

-Zelda Lourens

“First of all l know that l am super inactive but l am following the lectures and doing my CARS everyday! I am really enjoying the lectures also because you tell so much about brain and neuroscience (l studies psychology and neuroscience was My favorite course )”

-Buket Rin

“Ive been adding CARS as well as the pails/rails to my usual routine and just whenever I find time to…I sit on the floor a lot already so now I’m sitting in strange positions…ive definitely noticed an increase in comfortable mobility and a decrease in pain that I’ve been feeling from work/old injuries. Definitely felt a subtle change even though I’m not as consistent as I would like to be.”

-Madalyn Bernal

“I do my CARS almost every day and start to notice a difference already. Especially my right arm had lost a lot of its range of motion due to being dislocated a few times, not only at the shoulder but at the wrist as well. This is getting back on track with my other arm  I love the base positions challenge as it exposes weak areas in certain movements. Haven’t had the time yet to do some freezing and moving but I think I will like those as well.”

-Jorrit Schoen

“I broke both of my wrists skateboarding; the same bone in either wrist a couple years apart. Left (non dom) has a screw after surgery, right has not had surgery. I have a noticeably better cold range of motion in my wrists after starting this class. With stretching them, prior to this class I could force with my other hand into a 90 and there was pain, the type that tells you to back off. Without forcing I could maybe get to 60 degrees from straight, 45 if I’m cold. After these 2 weeks of CARs, and then learning how to do PAILs and RAILs specific to my wrist, I can get to about 60 cold.”

-Matt Freeman


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